Outbound study

See if you can find an answer to your question about outbound study in the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

Can I study at an institution that Curtin does not have an exchange agreement with?

Yes. This is considered a Study Abroad program. Under a Study Abroad program, you can attend institutions with which Curtin does not have an exchange agreement. To apply for a Study Abroad program, you are required to:

  • apply directly to the proposed host institution;
  • apply for a leave of absence from Curtin for the duration of your proposed time abroad;
  • negotiate with your school or faculty for your overseas studies to be recorded on your Curtin record as credit for recognised learning (CRL); and
  • pay tuition fees directly to the institution you attend abroad. This amount varies between universities, countries and courses.

What if I've failed a unit; can I still apply?

Yes.  If you have failed one or more units and don’t meet the eligibility guidelines, your application will be individually assessed by a Student Mobility Coordinator to determine whether you are suitable for the program.

I have changed my degree; can the credits completed in my previous degree count towards the 200 credit eligibility requirement?

If you have completed credits in another course of study at Curtin or at another Australian higher institution, and these have been transferred as Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) to your current Curtin degree, these will be counted towards the 200 credit eligibility requirement. Relevant transcripts will need to be included with your Curtin application materials.

Do I need a visa?

In most cases a student visa is required for your overseas study; please check the individual information sheets or the consulate of the country you will be travelling to for further information. Each student will need to organise their own visa.

When can I book my flight?

Once you have received notification of your acceptance from the host institution, you can begin to organise your flights and visas.

Can I work on exchange?

This depends on the country you are studying in. Please check with the consulate of the country you will be travelling to for further information. Please note, students should not rely on overseas work to support themselves whilst on exchange. It is expected that you have enough money saved to support yourself for the duration of your stay.

Does the university offer travel grants or scholarships for exchange? How do I apply?

Yes. All eligible exchange students are automatically considered for any available travel grants upon receipt of their completed application materials, no other application is necessary.

Can I go on exchange in the final semester of my degree?

Yes, but you must be able to complete at least 75 credits whilst on exchange.

Please be aware that going on exchange in your last semester may delay your graduation ceremony to the next available ceremony. This will depend on when your transcript is received by the partner institution and transferred to your Curtin degree.

What if I have been convicted of a drink driving offence or have a criminal conviction; will this affect my exchange?

Yes. Some countries will not issue you with a student visa if you have any criminal convictions. Please check with the consulate of the country to which you are travelling for further information.

Can I extend my exchange?

Yes. You must first seek approval from the Exchange Office, as well as the host institution to ensure there is a place available to you.

I'm currently on a leave of absence; will this affect my ability to participate in the exchange program?

No. You can still participate providing you meet all other eligibility requirements; you will however need to have the leave of absence lifted when you have been accepted into the exchange program.

Can I study at another Australian higher institution?

Yes. This is considered cross-institutional enrolment and is handled by Student Central; please contact them directly for further information.

I am an Open University Australia (OUA) enrolled student, can I apply for exchange?

No, Open University Australia students can not apply for the exchange program.

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