See if you can find an answer to your question about international student admissions in the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

Will I be able to obtain more exemptions?

Exemptions are given based on previous studies and are related to the major chosen. Units passed in previous studies that do not equate to a Curtin unit will not be exempted. No advanced standing will be granted if the units undertaken in previous studies are not units relevant to the course nominated.

My IELTS/TOEFL score is not high enough to meet entry requirements into the postgraduate course. What can I do?

Provided that satisfying Curtin’s English language competency is the only outstanding condition, the student may be eligible for entry into the English Language Bridging (ELB) program. Completion of a semester of the ELB program will satisfy Curtin’s English Language competency requirements. See the Postgraduate Entry Requirements page for more details.

Who can certify my documents?

Documents can be certified by a:

  • Curtin representative
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Commissioner for Oaths/Declarations
  • Notary Public or
  • An Academic Registrar of the institution that issued the transcript.

I have been given an offer for this coming semester, but I cannot make it. Can I defer the offer to another semester?

Provided the course you have been offered is running in the semester you want to defer to, you may defer the offer to that semester. Another Letter of Offer will be forwarded to you.

I cannot arrive in time for the first day of semester. Can I start the semester one or two weeks late?

No. You must arrive in time for Orientation, one week before semester begins. Please refer to Curtin Orientation for more details.

I applied for the Master of Commerce course. Why have I have been offered the Postgraduate Diploma in Business course leading to the Master of Commerce course instead?

For certain master programs, the postgraduate diploma course represents the first stage of the master course. Entry into the master course will be dependent upon the successful completion of the postgraduate course with a Course Weighted Average of at least 70% for all units completed within the postgraduate diploma course. A postgraduate diploma leading to a master does not alter or lengthen the duration of the total program.

How do I apply for entrance into Curtin if I am not an international student?

If you wish to study an undergraduate course in Semester 1 you must apply through TISC (Tertiary Institution Service Centre).

For application deadlines, please check the TISC website. Some courses have a mid-year intake and you can apply for entry directly to the relevant faculty.

For further information on how to apply, please visit our How to Apply website.

If my first preference was unsuccessful and I want to apply for another course at Curtin, do I have to lodge a new application?

When you apply to Curtin University you have an option to apply for two courses in one application (1st and 2nd preference) and the priority is to process the 1st preference. When you are eligible for the first preference you will be issued a Letter of Offer. When you are not eligible for your 1st preference,  Curtin will automatically process your 2nd preference course.

If you apply for one course only (1st Preference) in the application and are unsuccessful, you will be informed of your status. If you then decide to re-apply for a different course you will need to submit a new application.

If I want to change my course after I receive my Letter of Offer, what should I do?

You can either contact Curtin International to request the change and receive a new Letter of Offer or you may change the course after you arrive. You will be responsible for any associated costs relating to the extension of your visa if there is a change in the duration of your new course due to revised exemptions. Please make sure you have sufficient time to make the change before you enrol.

I lodged an application three weeks ago for a Master course by research and I have not had a response from Curtin. What has happened to my application?

Applications for Master by Research and PhDs usually take longer than the standard application as the Graduate Studies Committee must approve them. Depending on when the Graduate Studies Committee meets, your application may take up to one month to process.

How do I obtain Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) for previous studies?

To be considered for CRL, you are required to lodge certified copies of the transcripts and award certificate (if the course is completed) for previous studies. These documents will be assessed to determine whether CRL will be granted. Depending upon the institution where you completed previous studies, you may need to provide the course syllabus and unit outlines.

How long before I know if I am eligible for the course I have applied for?

Curtin International aims to generate the Letter of Offer and fax you a copy within 2-5 working days for a standard application and 6-10 working days if Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) needs to be assessed by the School. This includes time taken to follow up on information with you (if required) and assessment of your qualifications and CRL (if any).

Applications for PhD courses are required to go before the University Graduate Studies Committee, and can take up to one month depending on the next scheduled Committee meeting.

If I am not eligible for the course I have applied for, are there alternative options and/or will I be considered for another course of study?

In the event you are not eligible for the course you have applied for, Curtin International will advise you of the outcome of your application and inform you of the options available to you. Depending upon your previous studies, the School you applied to may suggest another course suited to you. Alternatively it may be recommended that your application be forwarded to Curtin College for consideration. Curtin College is situated on the Perth campus and offers certificate and diploma-level courses leading to entry into Curtin degree programs. CRL may be granted to those students completing diploma programs.

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