Apply for semester two

It’s easy to apply for semester two at Curtin. Watch this quick guide to find out how!

To study an undergraduate course at Curtin in second semester, you will need to apply directly to Curtin using the steps below.

What type of applicant are you?

Applicants with recent secondary education

Applicants with recent secondary education are those whose admission is primarily based on the completion of year 12 within the last two years, but also includes those who may have completed their senior secondary studies with a TAFE or other VET provider within the same time frame. This includes applicants whose secondary education was undertaken interstate or overseas.

Applicants with work and life experience

Mature age applicants with work and life experience are those who left secondary education more than two years ago (i.e. who are not classified as recent secondary education applicants) and have not undertaken vocational education training (VET) or higher education study since then.

‘Experience’ includes a combination of factors sufficient to demonstrate readiness for higher education such as mature-age entry, professional experience whether completion of the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) is required or not, community involvement or work experience. Applicants may have undertaken non-formal programs that have helped prepare them for tertiary education or are relevant to the proposed higher education field of study.

Applicants with vocational education and training (VET) study

Applicants with vocational education and training (VET) study are those whose highest level of study since leaving secondary education is a VET course. This includes study at a public TAFE or other VET provider, whether a qualification was completed or not. Applicants with VET study may have other qualifications such as a Year 10 or Year 12 secondary school certificate.

Read more about what is classified as a TAFE or other AQF qualification.

Applicants with higher education study

Applicants with higher education are those whose highest level of study since leaving secondary education is a higher education course, such as a university degree. This includes applicants who are currently studying a higher education course at another education provider and want to transfer to Curtin University, or applicants who are currently studying at Curtin but want to switch to a different course. It also includes applicants who have completed past study with university and non-university higher education providers.

Applicants with higher education also include students who have completed a bridging or enabling course delivered by, or on behalf of, a higher education provider such as:

Follow the five steps below to apply.

Step 1: Choose a course

Search our range of undergraduate courses in health, business, science, engineering and the arts.

Step 2: Check application deadlines

Check if your chosen course is open for application as not all courses can be started in semester two.

Step 3: Check the admission criteria

Choose which applicant type you are below to view the admission criteria.

Step 4: Ensure any supporting documentation meets our scanned document guidelines

You may need to submit supporting documentation with your application. If you do, make sure it meets our scanned documents guidelines.

Step 5: Apply

Click the ‘APPLY NOW’ button on your chosen course page and follow the steps to lodge your online application.

Are you switching to Curtin from another university?

If you are switching to Curtin from another university and would like to apply for Credit for recognised learning (CRL), you will need to complete a CRL application.

What happens next?

Once you’ve sent your application directly to Curtin, you will receive a confirmation email that it has been received.

The length of time it takes to process a direct Curtin application can vary, depending on the application type. Some applications can take longer to process, including those that:

  • have not submitted all documents, or have submitted the wrong type of document
  • are based on Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL)
  • are from applicants who are applying for competitive courses – these applications are held and applicants are ranked and then notified at the same time
  • are based on an overseas qualification.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via email. Successful applicants will be sent a letter of offer. You can accept your offer and enrol in your course, or you can defer your offer.